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How We Work

Lex Alliance Foundation

We are a networked body of professional researchers who work as a team with single motto
"To Render help where it is needed the most"
Every project consists of series of activities that aim at solving particular problems within a given time frame and in a particular location. Our action plan includes three basic steps:

icon Project planning

Situation analysis, problem identification, definition of the goal, formulating strategies, designing a work plan, and budgeting comes under our Project Plan

icon Project implementation

Mobilization, utilization and control of resources and project operation

icon Project evaluation

  • The project deliverables are on time, within budget and evaluate the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase.
  • Further we keep a close watch on our ongoing projects.
  • Entire assignment is carried out by the combined efforts of the entire Team of Lex Alliance Foundation.

The Team consists of:-

icon The Founders and Board of Directors

The team of Founders and Board of directors is very crucial to an NGO and is responsible for many specific tasks. The Board's main task is to govern and oversee the operations of the organization. The board is legally, financially, and morally responsible for the organization. The Board is unanimously responsible for the careful and prudent use of money within the organization.

Their job doesn't end at giving directions. It takes care of the day-to-day execution till the completion of the project.

icon Project Manager

The Project Manager's task is to oversee the day-to-day management and planning, implementation, and tracking of projects. Assisting with the recruitment, selection, management is also done by him. He ensures that all staff members are fulfilling their responsibilities and functional roles for project implementation. He designs, establishes and manages appropriate project monitoring and evaluation framework.

He performs the role of representation with a variety of partners including coordination with relevant Government authorities, and non-government organizations.

icon Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator provides support to the team through assessment, planning, monitoring and documentation. He undertakes capacity building support (training and facilitation) and coordination with the local partner to implement the projects and helps the Project Manager in proper implementation of the Projects.