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Women Empowerment NGO in India

Lex Alliance Foundation

Developing the potential of women and girls to drive long lasting equitable changes. We strategically emphasize on promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities. Ensuring a life of dignity for all women and girls from the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.

icon Woman and agriculture The programs for training women in soil conservation, social forestry, dairy development and other occupations allied to agriculture like horticulture, livestock including small animal husbandry, poultry, fisheries etc. will be expanded to benefit women workers in the agriculture sector.

icon Health & Nutrition Women's traditional knowledge about health care and nutrition will be recognized through proper documentation and its use will be encouraged. The use of Indian and alternative systems of medicine will be enhanced within the framework of overall health infrastructure available for women.

icon Sanitation of women Building more toilets for women in rural areas that will reduce open defecation in rural India. This also increases the chances of incidents of sexual assault. Further, it’s extremely unhygienic; and to make it worse they have to wait for the suitable time either early morning or in late evenings. Use of sanitary napkins is also promoted in rural areas.

icon Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women and the girl child;

icon Support Services for women the provision of support services for women, like child care facilities, including crèches at work places will ensure their full cooperation in social, political and economic life. Women-friendly personnel policies will also be drawn up to encourage women to participate effectively in the developmental process.

icon Market Oriented Vocational training our aim is to level the employment field for disadvantaged women by providing bold livelihoods options that enhance women's economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families. There are many vocational programs that can be run like Nursing assistant, IT skills, tailoring, making sanitary napkins, manufacturing of cloth bags, manufacturing of candles.

icon Strengthening legal systems aimed at elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.